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Welcome to Coffin & Associates

Coffin & Associates is an executive search firm whose nationwide recruiting focus serves clients in 1) selected pockets of financial services and 2) a broader variety of companies in manufacturing, distribution and services. Our firm was established in 1992 to differentiate and better serve our clients along three fronts:

Highly Personal Approach
All client and candidate communications, including all prospective candidate calls in a recruiting project, are handled by a Principal of our firm. While most recruiting firms delegate down in their organizations many facets of the recruiting assignment, our value proposition is clients and candidates are better served by the individual, principal level of conversations with candidates. This includes verbal presentation and discussion of position opportunities, prescreening of prospective candidates on behalf of our clients, and ongoing conversations and correspondence with our clients and candidates.

Effective, State of the Art Candidate Research
Any successful recruiting firm has a sound network of candidate sources, databases and research resources in the form of directories, outside databases, etc. Our research options include those as well. Our success, even in our most challenging search assignments, is driven and supported by two other candidate search tools not practiced by most executive search firms:

1) Sophisticated, technically proficient Internet and Social Media candidate identification practices
2) Direct, original "grass roots" candidate identification research.

Internet and Social Media Candidate Identification Research
We actively employ state of the art, targeted internet search and social media networking to source candidates. Our highly targeted internet research employs sophisticated search string syntax with Boolean operators and special characters, Google operators, and strategic combinations of keywords and search strings. Bottom line, we "magically" identify otherwise unknown or difficult to find candidates in a timely manner during the early stages of our recruiting effort. Additionally, we employ social media such as LinkedIn, online groups, etc, for both networking and research, which we conduct in a timely and intelligent manner.

Direct Candidate Identification Research
Throughout the existence of the firm, we have successfully employed direct phone call strategies to identify prospective candidates. We have had the same Candidate Identification Research Director since the firm's inception 18 years ago. Essentially, through direct, proprietary and timely phone research efforts, fresh and current candidate names are garnered directly from companies targeted for candidate recruitment.

Subject Matter Expertise
In the segment of our executive search business that focuses on finance opportunities, many of which are in selected pockets of the banking and financial services arena, we offer subject matter expertise that distinguishes our firm. This is derived from Phil Coffin's prior career, and more than two decades of recruiting experience, involving companies engaged in banking, corporate finance, private equity, investment banking, leveraged and asset based finance, and corporate turnarounds.

Whether you are a prospective corporate client or a job candidate exploring new endeavors, we thank you for visiting our web site and welcome the opportunity to serve you.