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Financial Services

Secured Lending
(Includes Asset Based and Leveraged Cash Flow Lending)
Search activity in this space in corporate lending and finance covers a range of position levels from two year professionals to group heads and managing directors. Clients include banks, finance companies, investment banks and hedge funds. A sample of successfully completed searches in this space include:

Mezzanine/”Tranche B”/Secondary Debt
Our search activity in this realm has included position levels at the Analyst /Associate level at the lower experiential end to Group Head at the other. Successfully completed searches include:

Turnaround Management Consulting
The majority of searches in this space have been for Director level and higher positions. The trend is changing toward filling the back end with Associates and Managers. The challenge in this area of search is identifying qualified professionals willing to “live on the road”. A sample of completed searches include:

Private Equity
Our clients have included some well known and well regarded private equity investment firms and hedge funds. Our position searches in this arena have been in the Analyst to V.P. range. Successfully completed searches include the following:

Investment Banking
Our body of search work has focused in the Corporate Finance, Private Placements and Special Situations areas. Successfully completed searches include the following:

Distressed Investing/Debt
An increasingly dynamic sector seeing both new entrants as well as others that have imploded in 2008. Successfully completed searches included:

Industry Vertical Corporate Lending
We have successfully completed industry vertical searches in areas such as health care, communications, food and agriculture and distribution finance. Successfully completed searches include the following:


Manufacturers, Distributors and Service Companies


Accounting and Internal Company Finance